Sergiy Stakhovsky shares interesting things about Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal

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Sergiy Stakhovsky shares interesting things about Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal

In an interview with BTU, Sergiy Stakhovsky commented on the reasons why he left the ATP Player Council that now features Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Jurgen Melzer as new entries. The Ukrainian player said: "I spent more than six times there and we never had personal goals.

All understood that the next steps are important for the future generation of players. But there were personal interests lately. I came back to the Council last year in December and during the seven months I spent there, we did not do anything.

Our prize money will not increase next year and it's not clear what will happen to them, nothing was done, while the previous Council worked in a much better way." Why did Federer and Nadal come back to the Council? "When Federer and Nadal announced their decision to come back, people were afraid and so they were elected.

Federer can make a call and ask, Do you really believe I cannot do anything good in the Council? Can you imagine what would have happened if Federer and Nadal were not elected? No one disagrees with them. Since I left, Federer joined the Council back.

I know how the whole structure works. That was an unbelievable experience and over six years and a half I got all the knowledge I need. I got offers to work in tennis, not as a coach. The question mark is how much more I want to play since combining everything is not realistic.

You cannot have two roles." Stakhovsky is pairing up with Adrian Menendez Maceiras in this week's Hamburg Challenger doubles draw.