Having Djokovic, Federer or Rafael Nadal is every event's dream - Enqvist

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Having Djokovic, Federer or Rafael Nadal is every event's dream - Enqvist

The Stockholm Open has a new Tournament Director. Former professional player Thomas Enqvist spoke about his goals, as quoted by Expressen. "This tournament always made me feel welcome. It will be incredibly fun to work here.

I am a Stockholm native and I used to watch the Stockholm Open as a kid and I dreamed one day of playing the tournament. As an active player, it was the funniest event to play into throughout the year. I have my best memories from Stockholm Open along with Davis Cup," said Enqvist.

The SPG event CEO Stefan Paymer said: "We want to create something new in the Royal Tennis Hall. It's about food, drinks, beauty. The overall experience needs to be at its best. We also want to create a more developed and natural meeting places for affairs during the tournament.

The dream is to create a common platform where all the biggest tennis fans from Sweden will be reunited: older players, fans, companies, coaches and clubs. We want to become a strength and a common voice for the future of Swedish tennis.

So we chose Thomas Enqvist." Enqvist added: "My goal is to keep having a great field. So it will be important to look for a couple of really big names that can attract the public and the partners, but also the future stars.

And hopefully, a Swedish guy can breakthrough." Could one of the Big Three - Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic play? "Never say never. You know how difficult is to get Nadal, Djokovic and Federer. They have a packed schedule and they are very selective in picking events. But you should obviously speak with them and see if they can. It's the dream of all tournaments."