Roger Federer recalls one of his best shots ever

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Roger Federer recalls one of his best shots ever

Roger Federer recalled the amazing lob smash passing shot he hit back in 2002 Basel against Andy Roddick. The Swiss, speaking to Tennis TV, said: "Andy always used to try everything against me. This was a match where he was serve volleying a lot.

He hits this smash where he thinks it's all over and I kinda run for it. For some reason I thought this was one of the great shots I ever hit in my career. Then he threw the racket at me. It was really funny - I could not believe I made that shot, crowds are always great in the matches I played with Andy, he is such a great guy.

Look he is not even looking at the ball anymore. That's classic! Probably my best shot here in Basel. Andy is a great champion, it just all added to all the drama in all the matches that followed after that." On how different the ATP and Challenger Tours are, Federer added: "I don't believe there's a huge difference between the Challenger level and the ATP level.

It tests your spirits, because they are usually in the smaller cities and they are harder to get to, so you really build thick skin and you have to be tough. You have to battle through some tough conditions. I admire the guys on the Challenger Tour a lot."

On his 1999 Brest Challenger title, Federer concluded: "It was a big one. I ended up winning the whole tournament. I beat 'The Beast', Max Mirnyi, in the final. Because of that win, I ended up finishing the year around No. 65 in the world. It's the only Challenger I ever won, so of course it's memorable."