Roger Federer: 'I was a bit torn by Andy Murray's win over Stan Wawrinka'

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Roger Federer: 'I was a bit torn by Andy Murray's win over Stan Wawrinka'

In a press conference Roger Federer spoke about Andy Murray coming back to the competition. Murray won the Antwerp's European Open defeating Stan Wawrinka in a three-set final last week. The Basel native said: “Andy’s achievement was great.

I was a little bit torn, since he beat Stan (Wawrinka) in the final, but it was a great way for him to come back. He’s been playing to try and get close to his old level. It’s nice to see Andy healthy again. I remember in the locker room of the Australian Open.’ It was very confusing for him and for all of us.

I’m extremely happy for him”. Stan Wawrinka explained why he will not play ATP Cup in Sydney with Roger Federer for Switzerland. The Lausanne native said: "Because I had signed a contract in Doha coming back from an injury.

I played here this year and I decided I would like to be back in 2020." On his current injury, Wawrinka added: "It's an inflammation on my foot and Achilles tendon. On both sides but in two slightly different points.

Nothing serious. I have been carrying it from the US Open and then it became very serious before St. Petersburg, which I had to withdraw from. I took a but of time to make it heal instead of playing in Asia. There are parts of the season where you accept the pain in an easier way.

The pain is still there but I decided to play those three tournaments (Antwerp, Basel, Bercy) in order not to create a big gap between US Open and the start to the 2020 season. I wanted to play some matches. I moved to Antwerp, which was a good idea."