Radu Albot shares how it feels like to face Roger Federer

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Radu Albot shares how it feels like to face Roger Federer

Radu Albot spoke ahead of his second-round match against Roger Federer in Basel. Albot said: "I am not as famous as Roger is in my country. He is the best player. Everyone in Switzerland will definitely be proud of him. In my native country, people are not so much interested in sports.

So I would not say they recognize me by streets. Sometimes it happens but not that often." Albot credited his father Vladimir who made him subscribe to a tennis school at six years of age although the weather condition is not great especially when it's winter.

At 13 years, his father picked all his money for a 72-hour bus trip in Germany. Without understanding German. Now he plays in Basel against the 20-time Grand Slam winner. "I do not go on court thinking of losing. I already have the experience to play against him once.

That's why I am not very excited of heading into the court." Albot recalled his first meeting ever against Federer earlier this year at the Miami Open. Albot was leading a set up over the Swiss. “It was different, playing against a superstar.

It’s different to play and to feel that everybody is cheering for him. It’s different to play with one of the best players of all-time and to feel his shots and his capability to play against me, to feel it myself.

Of course, I went on the court absolutely willing and sure that I could win that match. But the experience is pretty interesting. You play all your life and all the tournaments to be here and to compete against the best. When you finally have a chance to play against the best, I think it’s a good achievement and something I finally accomplished in my career”. Albot lost to Federer on Wednesday, 6-0, 6-3.