Roger Federer is an exceptional talent of the millennium - Doctor

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Roger Federer is an exceptional talent of the millennium - Doctor

In an interview, the Swiss Indoors' doctor Felix Martin spoke about the routines of players in the event. Martin says players' injuries do not depend only on the age. "You cannot say that the older players easily get injured.

There are also much younger people who come from us," said Martin. Explaining the reasons behind the longevity of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, Martin added: "It's difficult to say. Of course, medicine improved over the last 20 years.

But this is not enough to explain. Those three guys are amazing. Three great players. Perfection is the key. The better a player's technique is, the less fatigue gets made. For example, Nadal is different than Federer. His game is about passion and fight.

Consequently, it's tougher on tendons. But he has such a strong desire that he keeps going. Older players need to train hard and recover from tough moments. Federer already knows where the ball goes, it seems. The more variety, the less single areas of the body get overload.

Federer, who has such a perfect technique and attitude, only happens once. He is an exception. He is an exceptional talent of the millennium. If he stays injury-free, he will keep being around." Diego Schwartzman, who is competing in this week's Vienna Open, spoke about the Davis Cup Finals in Madrid: "In Davis Cup, Argentina is always the favorite more than the players they have.

Now we also have a doubles player like Zeballos who is world No. 3 and me being a top 15 guy. Beating us will be difficult." On Juan Martin del Potro's absence, Schwartzman added: "He already said that Davis Cup is not his priority and this decision can be respected, although I wish he can play it again. He is the best player we have in Argentina."