Roger Federer meets wrestling king

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Roger Federer meets wrestling king

Roger Federer met wrestling king Christian Stucki in Basel after defeating Radu Albot on Wednesday. The giant is 198 centimeters tall and Federer is 185 centimetres tall. They spoke for some minutes and had some good moments.

"You shouldn't touch me otherwise something will get broken," Federer jokingly warned speaking to Stucki, also promising him that he will give him a signed racket after the Swiss Indoors: "I cannot give you one now.

First of all, I have to win here." Stucki saw Federer playing live at the 2010 Match for Africa against Rafael Nadal in Zurich, and in 2013 Swiss Indoors against Juan Martin del Potro, which marked Roger's last loss there.

"You can have a normal conversation with him," said Stucki. "It's like always. I first watched him 20 years ago. Of course meeting Roger is great" He was not bothered that Federer's matches have been lasting pretty less this week: "He is so consistent and if I do not have to stay there too much it's even better."

Federer also spoke about the controversies going on in Chile where he is supposed to play an exhibition match next month: "Everything is a worry when I have to be safe and there are many people involved. Things are not going very well and everyone will have their eyes at it. I hope it doesn't influence my trip, it's three weeks left. The situation in Chile worries us."