Roger Federer opens up on his biggest dream involving charity

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Roger Federer opens up on his biggest dream involving charity

In an interview to CNN Roger Federer explained the reasons behind the creation of his Foundation that now involves one million children. 'My mum being from Southern Africa, me being on their vacation firm for so many years when I was little definitely gave me an idea and I guess that little spark of what I wanted to do but once I started the Foundation I knew it was gonna be with children, because I felt may be like a child myself and I like doing kids clinic where I could inspire kids to play tennis as well', said Federer.

He was then asked about what would be his biggest dream: 'My dream would be like that I would be more famous for my philantrophic efforts than my tennis career. My tennis career can only be so long because the body can do it for so long but the Foundation is something that can be forever and I can involve my children in it.

I am very proud of it.' Janine Händel, the CEO of the Roger Federer Foundation, was asked how much of an advantage it is for the charitable organization to hold such a big and important name like the Swiss player's when it comes to work with other partners.

'Most it's a big advantage because it opens quickly any kind of door', Händel said. 'In the African governments who all seem to be fan of Roger, being it when you want to meet philantropystes or important stakeholders.

That is certainly an advantage to have a prominent ambassador with you. But when you want really to speak about the quality of your work maybe then there are some prejudice that people think, "Celebrate the Foundation.

They do a little bit of charity", and that's also to push our professional approach in our work. Maybe there there it's good to have first of all a neutral intro into our engangement.'