Roger Federer can play for five more years, says Marc Rosset

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Roger Federer can play for five more years, says Marc Rosset

The former world No. 9 Marc Rosset believes that Roger Federer's retirement from the professional tour is not happening anytime soon. After the world No. 3's semifinals match win over Stefanos Tsitsipas in Basel, Rosset said: "When we see Federer evolving on this surface, we say he could play for at least five more years."

On Stan Wawrinka being spotted drinking champagne while enjoying his time off in Monte Carlo with some women, Rosset added: "You cannot force people not to post those moments. In 2019 every little thing can be misunderstood and create criticism.

It was not Stan to share the video. It was not a very smart move by Marcel Desailly, mainly because he is a professional athlete himself. But I do not care at all about social media." Federer's stringer Ron Yu spoke about his job: "The 4:30 wakeup to start stringing tennis rackets is not the most pleasurable thing in the world.

I mean, there are very good stringers out there who are on-site stringers. But everyone might string slightly different." Mats Wilander said: "It's comfort. You wanna be 100% sure that your rackets are exactly the same, exactly how you want them.

For a normal player, I'm telling you that you're not gonna feel that difference. But for these guys, yes, of course they feel it." Roman Prokes said: "It became somewhat predictable on the court, where he can go with certain shots, because the racket wouldn't allow him to use the whole court from certain shots.

We actually took away a little bit of [the] strings, so he can generate more spin, you know, we made the racket lighter. We made the weight distribution on the racket different. After two minutes of hitting, Novak basically said 'Throw all my rackets away. This is my new racket.' "