Stefanos Tsitsipas shares details behind chat with Roger Federer

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Stefanos Tsitsipas shares details behind chat with Roger Federer

Stefanos Tsitsipas trained with Roger Federer early in the week during the Basel's Swiss Indoors. The Athens native enjoyed spending time with the 38-year-old world No. 3. "We spoke of other players. How they play, what they do on court.

I find very interesting to understand how Roger sees tennis, what he thinks and what he goes through. I can tell you he is pretty different than other players. I feel I can learn a lot from him. And even if he may become an opponent days after, it's nice to have this kind of relationship.

He is such a nice guy. We need more people like him in tennis. We had interesting conversations. It was a big proudness of sharing the court with him, competing in the same team as his. During the doubles, I liked seeing how he thought and communicated.

I found his approach very different than my usual partners. I was pretty fascinated, to be honest." Asked if Alex De Minaur is similar to Lleyton Hewitt, Federer said: "I do not really like to know that a player looks like a former champion, like it was for me with Pete Sampras.

But it's true that Lleyton is the first to have won defending quickly and so there are similarities with Alex De Minaur. Alex defends and his legs are the some of the fastest on tour and I find him very comfortable on fast surfaces like Basel.

I feel well. I am injury-free and I feel relaxed. I loved winning Halle for the tenth time in June."