Roger Federer: 'At home I am the same dad, whether I win or lose'

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Roger Federer: 'At home I am the same dad, whether I win or lose'

Roger Federer was happy with his tenth Basel title. The Swiss player said: "It was fast but very nice. I think I played a great match. It was a tough opener, in the beginning, the first five games, we had some great rallies.

I never looked back. I was great on the offence, made very few unforced errors and came up with the big shots and served well when I had to. I thought Alex played a great tournament as well, and I think we both can be very happy.

But what a moment for me to win my 10th here in my hometown of Basel. You saw it hit me again hard winning here in Basel. I don’t take these tournament victories as a normal thing. I take them as something quite unique and special, even though it’s been a lot by now.

Every one has a different flavour and I try to enjoy them as much as I can in the moment”. Federer added: “Kids are happy about the trophy and the confetti not so much about back - or forehand we just enjoy family time here with godparents etc.

At home I‘m the same dad, win or lose. I want to be 100% in London still undecided about Paris. Having my family in front of me makes this triumph even more special. I never thought I would win this tournament ten times. I would have been grateful to the life if I had won in Basel even just one time."