Roger Federer: 'Fans were unreal. It's been an incredible journey'

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Roger Federer: 'Fans were unreal. It's been an incredible journey'

Roger Federer commented on how his perspective towards winning titles has changed over the years. The Basel native, speaking after his triumph at the Swiss Indoors, said: “Back in the day when you lifted a trophy as a junior you’re like, ‘Ahh, let’s just pretend to be one of the big guys.’ But you clearly know you’re not.

Now when you’re able to do it in a stadium with people chanting your name or celebrating you or your tennis, it’s a wonderful feeling. There you probably have a couple of parents around and one photographer who happened to be there at the time.

So clearly things have changed. Luckily there were some photographers at the time, because it was more of a luxury to have a camera at the time. It’s been an incredible journey. It’s definitely very different today.

You don’t get a chance to win 10 titles at the same event many times in your career ever, so I couldn’t be more happy that it also happened here in Basel, in Halle also. It’s been a great week, a wonderful time.

The fans were unreal again, like so many other years. I played great tennis and was able to pull it all the way through until the very end”.