Chardy: 'Crowd can be unbiased in France only if there are Federer, Nadal'

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Chardy: 'Crowd can be unbiased in France only if there are Federer, Nadal'

Jeremy Chardy defeated Daniil Medvedev in a three-set, second-round match at the Paris Masters on Tuesday. He lost the opening set but took the next two. The Frenchman, speaking in a press conference, said: "It's a beautiful victory.

When you play a match like this on the central court in France and you win it, it's a wonderful feeling. All the efforts that are deployed every day are aimed at achieving a goal like this one. It's great, and I'm going to enjoy it tonight."

Continuing, he said, "Today, it's a great reward because we've spent a lot of time on court to try to have a more solid game and to have better control. And this was a showcase of all this work because I could vary my speeds, my heights, my game tactics, and this bothered him, and I felt more and more confident throughout the match.

Then it was hard because he had a lot of break points. I played them well. He didn't hold them. He felt peeved by that, and then I felt more and more confident. The public helped me very much. Generally, I don't whip up the crowd.

But since the beginning of the match, I really felt that they really wanted me to win and they were supporting me. It was a wonderful feeling on court. It boosted me. And I was saying, we're very lucky in France. Apart from Federer or Nadal where the crowd can be more unbiased, the crowd is always a partisan crowd in favor of the French nationals, and it's a great feeling."