Roger Federer sees Davis Cup as a rival for his competition - Pique

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Roger Federer sees Davis Cup as a rival for his competition - Pique

In an interview to El Larguero Gerard Pique spoke about Roger Federer not playing the Davis Cup this year. The FC Barcelona defender said: "We sent him a letter and were surprised by his statements. They see Davis Cup as competing with his competition (Laver Cup).

He is the greatest player ever and we will do everything to have him." On the event, Pique added: "The courts looks very good, it's dark green coloured. It's 20 days left before Davis Cup and there is a lot of work to do." On the idea of changing Davis Cup, he added: "Football and tennis since I was a kid were my favorite sports.

I was seeing that Davis Cup was going down. In the end it represents the World Cup of tennis and I thought about changing it." A footballer in the world of tennis: "I would not be bothered if Federer came and something would change in Champions League.

I think the new format of Davis Cup for the player is perfect. And also for the fans and for Madrid." On the Davis Cup Finals taking place in Madrid for two years, Pique said: "We understand that it needs to move, it will not always be played in Madrid.

But for one or two more years in Madrid, why not?" The Balearic Government approved on Thursday the project regarding the expansion of the Rafa Nadal Academy that is based in Manacor, Spain. It includes building 15 more tennis courts and having 214 more turistic seats in the building, getting to 354.

The Manacor city will get a 15 percent of earnings from this project, it means around 464,000 euros. "It's one more favour to the Nadal family that wants to expand its investments in Manacor."