'Djokovic will win more Slams. Roger Federer and Nadal...' - Guy Forget

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'Djokovic will win more Slams. Roger Federer and Nadal...' - Guy Forget

In a press conference, Paris Masters' Tournament Director Guy Forget spoke about Novak Djokovic's triumph in the French event. Forget said: "Novak was much more above his opponent. For sure with Djokovic and Nadal we would have seen a titanic battle, with very long rallies, a physical commitment and guys who would increase their game level on a consistent basis.

But at the ATP Finals Novak will face the best guys." Forget also praised Djokovic's achievements in Paris: "There are a few players who can say they won such tournaments. He shows to the next generation why he is still the world No.

1." It's a shame that one of the two (Nadal) is not able to defend his chances. Many people would have dreamed of a final here between them with maybe revenge happening in London. For ten years, we have not been getting tired with Rafa, Roger and Novak.

We would like to see others. But the Big Three are more than 30 years old, they behave as the younger guys do, they are hungry of wins, they are fast, have longevity, they work a lot and they go through tough situations. That's the sign of the greatest.

I think Novak has not finished writing Grand Slam history. But maybe Roger and Rafa either," he said laughing. Russia's Tennis Federation chief Shamil Tarpischev said: "There is just a good thing about their performances - that they played the final.

But it is clear that they play singles. If they were doubles specialists, they would perform in a different way. But their class is high so that's why they reached the championship clash."