Berrettini: 'I should have given Roger Federer money for tennis lesson'

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Berrettini: 'I should have given Roger Federer money for tennis lesson'

In an interview, Matteo Berrettini spoke about how it feels to reach the ATP Finals in London for the first time. The 23-year-old Rome native said: "It's a dream come true. Everybody is asking me if I am aware of it and I am not really aware.

This year has been very important from every point of view: mentally I managed to go through very complicated situations, besides handling new ones. After great results, you feel pressure, you ask yourself even more questions and there was a time where I slept badly.

I improved, my level raised. In the head to head meetings, I am down with everyone but I definitely can compete. Against Novak Djokovic it's hard, many things of him bother me. He returns very well, plays very well on the backhand side, so it's going to be a very difficult match technique-wise.

But it will be a very nice emotion. We trained together in Cincinnati, he is a pleasant person. This year I played against Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray, he was the only one left." Berrettini also recalled his loss to Federer in the Wimbledon fourth round: "At the net, I should have asked him how much money the tennis lesson would have cost me."

"I have a big mental strength," Berrettini continued, "but also major weapons technique-wise, despite I do not have an unbelievable physical skill. I have fast arms and I am fit because I played many tough five-setter matches."