Happy about Andrey Rublev's win over Roger Federer, says Vesnina

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Happy about Andrey Rublev's win over Roger Federer, says Vesnina

In an interview, multiple-time Slam champion in doubles Elena Vesnina spoke of Russian tennis. She said: "This year Daniil Medvedev had an incredible turnaround. I think the entire world started speaking of him. And that was absolutely deserved.

He doesn't just play well, but he has a lot of good energy too. He is a very smart and interesting player. Karen Khachanov had a pretty good season too. It's just that of Medvedev's breakthrough, everyone seems not to be around.

Andrey Rublev beat Roger Federer. I saw that match from the start to the end, and I was very happy that Andrey, after his serious injury, was coming back. All the guys are still so young and they still have so many years ahead.

Our team has a lot of chances in the Davis Cup." On Marat Safin working as a TV commentator during the US Open final, Vesnina added: "It was unusual. I like a more classic approach, but it was still interesting. If Marat commented constantly, he would increase the interest in tennis because Safin is an unbelievably charismatic guy.

Even if he doesn't particularly follow what's going on. But it was always like this: he always said what he thought, and that's why he was loved. Teaching him to commentate was useless." Safin started doing interviews again this year, both to Russian and international media. He also played several exhibition matches.