Roger Federer is serious even when he faces world No. 700, says bodyguard

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Roger Federer is serious even when he faces world No. 700, says bodyguard

In an interview to Punto de Break a security guard of Roger Federer at the Basel's Swiss Indoors spoke about how it feels like to be closely around the 38-year-old Basel native. He recalled the first time he saw Federer: "I do not exactly remember...

I do not know if it was in the Olympic Games of 2008 Beijing or on an anniversary of the Old Boys tennis club, where he started playing. Thank to God, he is very easy going, very natural, something very strange for how old he was at the time.

I was nervous, just because I knew him on television, reading newspapers; in the job I do, you have to read many newspapers and know what happens around the world. If I know that I will work with Federer, the first thing I do is to get informed at my best especially what happens around his life, plus what he likes and how he is.

I always respected him a lot as a sportsman; I was a sportsman too and I was like him, a perfectionist, a lot of training and always preparing at my best, without thinking that the next opponent will be an easy one. He is the same, it doesn't matter if his rival is No.

700 or 2. He always prepares the match being very serious. Roger Federer is Andy Hug of tennis. Andy Hug was very respected because, having a lot of success and a world class recognition, was a very well respected person for everyone. Federer is the same in the world of tennis, that's why at the beginning I was very nervous."