Roger Federer's management heads to Mexico to check game conditions

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Roger Federer's management heads to Mexico to check game conditions

Chris Jackman, personal agent of TEAM8, the management company created by Roger Federer, will come to Mexico on Wednesday to finalize details about The Greatest Match. Jackman will visit with the MexTenis Director Raul Zurutuza the Mexico Square to see the environment where an exhibition match between the Basel native and the German Alexander Zverev will be played on November 23.

We have a one-day work with him and things are going pretty well luckily. We will see what we can do and what we cannot do and it will take the entire day to do it." Raúl Krislavin, Director of Fénix Entertainment, spoke about the match between Federer and del Potro that will take place in Buenos Aires: "Roger is for many people the best tennis player in the entire history, it's a big effort to bring him to Argentina but the feedback we are having is positive overall.

We had a great support from partners and Dove company was the key, something unique. The VIP experience for fans will enable them to get to meet Federer and del Potro. One of the winners will be able to play a doubles match with Roger on the match day.

In every chat we have with Roger, he says that he loves Argentina." Rafael Nadal's doctor Angel Ruiz Cotorro spoke about the Spanish player's abdominal issues. Cotorro said: "In a case of rupture it would have been very complicated as we have very less time.

It's a minor thing that can be recovered over a few days, even if he got injured on Saturday and he will play on Monday, and every day matters. The opportunities will depend on the day by day and the clinic evolution. He has some issues, but the evolution is good.

He will be able to train even if not at 100 percent. We need to make sure the risk is minimum, so that Rafa will be healthy enough to play. We will go through all the steps and we will wait until the end. We will know the ultimate decision on Saturday or Sunday."