Khachanov recalled when he first met Roger Federer in locker room

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Khachanov recalled when he first met Roger Federer in locker room

Karen Khachanov is one of the rising tennis stars. In an interview he admitted he was surprised when Roger Federer recognized him a few years ago. 'I had just broken into top 100 when, at the one of tournaments, I saw Federer in a locker room.

He came to me to say hello', the Russian told Eurosport. Khachanov also spoke about the Wimbledon junior title he won. It was almost like another tournament for him: 'It's nice when people mention it, but even winning a small ATP tournament would be more important', said Khachanov, who didn't even attend the Champions Ball because he had an airplane flight to take and couldn't buy another ticket.

Khachanov will next play the Davis Cup in Madrid later this month. Federer spoke about how the game has evolved over the last few years: "I feel like the game has evolved again in the last 10 years or so. I’ve made some adjustments to my game.

I’m trying to hit through the backhand a bit more, maybe I’ve got a bit more pop on the serve and naturally the whole rally changes a bit because you have different options. I think I’m playing very well otherwise I wouldn’t be having the results that I’m having.

I’m happy I’m still playing at this level. I was always hoping to play for a long time and I’m doing that."