Wife Mirka has a big role in Roger Federer's success, says insider

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Wife Mirka has a big role in Roger Federer's success, says insider

Matthew Ebden's wife, Kim, spoke highly of Roger Federer's wife Mirka. 'She is like a superwoman, the way she does with two sets of twins and a tennis player husband. She definitely deserves to have a great role in their success.

Hat off! He is probably the greatest player of all time", admitted Kim. Mirka gets often praised for being a supportive woman, but Federer is definitely amazing from a human point of view as well. The German Alexander Zverev recalled a conversation he had with the Swiss at the 2018 Australian Open following his loss to the South Korean Hyeon Chung.

"That chat was more for then in that time. I was very upset about my third-round loss. Obviously played against Chung, who had an amazing week there. He played ridiculous, how he was moving, how he was playing. I had a tough match, another tough loss at a Grand Slam.

He was more talking about that, that I shouldn't get too upset. He made his first quarterfinal much later in his career, as well." Marco Chiudinelli spoke about how his relationship with Federer has started: "We met when we were six.

From the beginning, we were friends. We practiced together. The first time we played a real match was a tournament series in Switzerland. You play up to nine. I won that one. That was the only time I won. We had funny matches. We were very emotional."