Tsitsipas showed he is a unique player defeating Federer - Kamelzon

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Tsitsipas showed he is a unique player defeating Federer - Kamelzon

In an interview the Russian tennis coach Vladimir Kamelzon recalled Stefanos Tsitsipas's four-set win over Roger Federer at the Australian Open. 'Many players, especially from the next generation - Medvedev, Zverev, Tsitsipas - not only have Russian grassroots, but they also have a Russian training', said Kamelzon.

'It is very important, because the Russian teaching method is very strong. This method base was not applied in any of the other countries. No one had such a technique. And this technique was sent through the generations. A super talented man still needs to breakthrough.

Tsitsipas is unique in what I saw in the match against Federer. The young guys are playing in a completely new way. They made a step forward in terms of ball speed. Any of them gives something new. It was given by God. You should not forget he is Yulia Salnikova's mother, he also has a father who was a talented football player.

But even God gave him natural gifts. This is what is needed to compete at such a level. In order that guy can play with Federer this guy, he needs to be helped by God. Many guys around the world have Russian surnames. In two or three years, they will replace the current tennis.

Congratulations Stefanos for the biggest win.' In an interview to Sports Radio, the 1987 Wimbledon champion Pat Cash commented on the criticism that Maria Sharapova has been getting since going through her doping ban between 2016 and 2017.

“She’s been very hot and cold. Some of the players point to ‘because she’s not allowed to take her drugs anymore,’ that’s why she can’t compete", said Cash.