Roger Federer: 'I tried everything: blonde, red hair...'

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Roger Federer: 'I tried everything: blonde, red hair...'

For Roger Federer, at 38 years of age balance is everything. But it wasn't always the case. As a teenager, the Swiss was quite a controversial guy. "It's weird and funny at the same time. Because along the years I lived all these things.

My hair is shorter now. I tried anything. I got blonde hair, I wanted red hair, then I thought it was a bit excessive and I changed idea. The French Open or Davis Cup win, it was amazing to live those moments because I was aiming these goals for a long time.

There was a bit of everything", said Federer. The Swiss doesn't watch just tennis on TV but other sports as well. "I don't watch athletics enough but i am fascinated by their power. In all events. Anyone who practices athletics.

For me it's amazing, you need to be very serious, professional. Dedicated on any aspect." About the swimming, the Basel native concluded: "Long distance events aren't something I don't understand but it's so different from what we do in tennis.

Long distance completely takes a different effort. For me, their effort looks harder than ours. Maybe they think ours is harder, but I have so much respect for long distance runners for their mental toughness, being able to run on several events and on a consistent basis."