Federer: 'Zverev's 2018 ATP Finals win was a motivation for the Next Gen'

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Federer: 'Zverev's 2018 ATP Finals win was a motivation for the Next Gen'

Roger Federer spoke about four under-23 players competing at the ATP Finals in London this year. The Swiss said: "What I like about the young guys, like Matteo Berrettini qualifying for the first time, they say, They are obviously talented.

But there is a difference between that and somehow being a national hero in your country already and being a top ten player. It's not easy to achieve. The World Tour Finals will give them a great experience moving forward to achieve great things - Slams, Masters 1000 - being surrounded by eight guys, handling the pressure, playing against fellow top players is something that can only help your career.

Sascha Zverev's win last year was extra motivation for the other younger guys to qualify for this year." Berrettini added: "There were players who were better than me when I was younger. But I never looked at them, I was thinking about myself, my road, my team, trusting my coach since day one.

Tennis is a tough sport, every week is different, you may have a great season and then everything starts from zero the year after. I always told myself, Improve yourself, learn from what you are doing and you will be better.

I am proud of it. I wasn’t that great when I was 18, 19. I got my first ATP point when I was 19. These guys here, 19, 18, were in the top 10. I’m kind of late but I wasn’t feeling the pressure. I was just enjoying what I was doing and really that’s the secret because I’m here."