Roger Federer is humble, while the youngsters are arrogant - Security guard

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Roger Federer is humble, while the youngsters are arrogant - Security guard

In an interview to Punto de Break Juan, a security guard at the Swiss Indoors in Basel, spoke about how it feels to closely work with Roger Federer. Juan said: "I expected him to be much more arrogant. No players would speak with the others.

For them the success got into their head. Only a few players stay feet-grounded like Federer does. He has millions on his bank account and big deals with companies, but you do not notice it speaking with him. That's why he is very respectful from everyone.

Instead, for most of the younger players, you are a piece of sh.. Those are teenagers that do not appreciate anyone. Federer is the opposite, a gentleman who makes you feel part of the team. He is a honest person, welcomes everyone, even if there are no cameras.

He says hi to you and asks you how you are doing. And he really wants to know it. Other athletes do not even want to know." "Behind the scenes, Federer and Severin (Luthi) behave like kids and they create a very good environment.

I was once part of his team and I was following him off the court. It's an amazing experience." Juan worked with Federer for the first time at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing: "It was very tough. Most of the people showed no respect and there were situations where we thought, If they manage to take Federer now, they bring him off here.

The hype around him was big, which shouldn't upset you as he had just won the gold medal in doubles with Stan Wawrinka."