Matteo Berrettini: 'In Halle Roger Federer came to me and said...'

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Matteo Berrettini: 'In Halle Roger Federer came to me and said...'

Speaking to Corriere Matteo Berrettini shared an anecdote about Roger Federer. The Italian said: "When I went to Halle after winning in Stuttgart, Federer came to me in the locker room. Well done, he told me. Hearing it from the legend of tennis is something strong."

On how he approaches the match against Federer in London, Berrettini concluded: "I learned the lesson from Wimbledon. And I am not a promising guy anymore. Now I am a tennis player." On the reasons why he now lives in Monte Carlo and not Rome anymore, Berrettini shared: "It's difficult to live in Roma.

I cannot go to a restaurant anymore. Monte Carlo is the place where all the tennis players live, it's always sunny, training is easier. Who criticizes me doesn't know how I am. I am used to the criticism: with that forehand and backhand you cannot go anywhere, they were telling me."

Berrettini spoke about his relationship with the girlfriend Alja Tomljanovic: "I liked her physically: I thought I was attracted from blondes, now I am with a mora. She has a great education and culture. We understand each other very well.

On Tuesday she will get to London, she came to Vienna. She understands my times, she does not make me feel stressed, she knows that when I am not with her I am busy doing what a tennis player needs to", concluded the Rome native who will face Novak Djokovic on Sunday.