Roger Federer: 'I only had one woman in my life. While other players...'

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Roger Federer: 'I only had one woman in my life. While other players...'

Roger Federer spoke about his wife Mirka's role in his success in tennis and also off the court. Mirka was world No. 76 in the early 2000s. Federer said: "If I speak of tennis, she had a deep impact on my character, maybe not on my game, but yes on myself as a professional because she was a professional tennis player before me, she was more experienced when I came on Tour, she knew the hard work, I was just learning.

Then she made me grow and mature in the first years. After I think the support I got from here, was always unbelievable support, she was always there to help me, she made my life easier, without caring if I would win or lose, she gave me big confidence.

As a player, it's always good to have her because some players have a wife one year and then they switch her. Anything can make you enjoy but it can make you distracted. My life is perfect the way it is. I always loved having the same girlfriend, the same wife, handling the family and protecting them from the press, she has not been having an interview for 12-15 years, so people don't know everything she did, an unbelievable amount of job for my parents, my life, for Tony [Godsick], my children.

She is a great hard worker. She is amazing. So I hope nothing changes. I was always there for her and viceversa. And if she said, Can we drop a bit the rhythm? I would tell her, Well, but let's do it slowly, less by less. We have good conversations and she is happy with the trips. But of course, for the children, we always have to make the best possible schedule."