Sinner: 'I do not know if Nadal, Federer still enjoy themselves. I do'

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Sinner: 'I do not know if Nadal, Federer still enjoy themselves. I do'

Jannik Sinner beat Alex De Minaur to win the Next Gen ATP Finals in Milan. The 18-year-old Italian player said: "De Minaur is an amazing, fast player, it's hard to win the point against him. But I just thought about playing my game and making as fewer unforced errors as possible.

My week was perfect, and probably yes, I never played so well. I knew it was important to start on a strong note, and after some problems at the start, I tried to use my serve and first shot rallies at my best. With those rules, it's always very fast but I just thought the match this way.

Against De Minaur you have to be solid, you need to find a balance between the risk and being solid. It went well. Yeah, I won a lot this year, and even next year the goal is to play pretty much, let's say 60 matches. If then I play less, it's not the end of the world."

Sinner is coping with pressure: "I never had this attention both from the fans and journalists. I like it, I enjoy it. I do not know if guys like Federer or Nadal still enjoy, after many years on Tour, but I am at the beginning and I feel comfortable."

Does the win over De Minaur mean he is a top 20 player? "It's early to say it. Because you need to be consistent, I would have to play the whole season at this level which I have not done yet."