Berrettini: 'Against Roger Federer I was not myself. While vs Djokovic...'

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Berrettini: 'Against Roger Federer I was not myself. While vs Djokovic...'

Matteo Berrettini analyzed his loss to Novak Djokovic at the ATP Finals in London. The Italian said: "Djokovic is definitely the best player on Tour. Today I was broken many times but against him, it's pretty normal even if I did not serve bad, it was not about my serve but his abilities.

The ball was running fast, I was trying to stay up with him but there was no way." The lesson from his loss against Djokovic is different than the one versus Roger Federer earlier this match in Wimbledon: "That match was different for emotions and level.

With Federer, I was never myself on the court while today (on Sunday), I managed to deliver my game regardless of the result. Anyways, losing to Djokovic is not too disappointing and it cannot influence my mind either. I struggle to analyze this kind of match because you leave the court being disappointed as you could play better that point but in the same time you have to be rational and say that I am facing Djokovic, so I will be ready for Tuesday.

I will try to be in my best shape and let's see what happens." On his next two matches, the Rome native concluded: "With Thiem, I played several times so I am more ready while against Roger it will be a very big emotion.

Tactics-wise it's difficult to make a plan, I will have to focus on serve and forehand and try to hurt him technique-wise. The most important thing to do against both is to leave the court and learn because I am still growing and I will keep growing after this tournament and this season."