Father shares why Dominic Thiem beats Roger Federer so often

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Father shares why Dominic Thiem beats Roger Federer so often

In an interview Dominic Thiem's father Wolfgang shared his thoughts on the Austrian player's 5-2 winning/loss record against Roger Federer. Why does the 26-year-old manage to beat the Swiss so often, including on Sunday at the ATP Finals in London? "All the matches were very close this year", said Wolfgang.

"In Indian Wells Roger started very good and then in the second set there was a small chance, Dominic took it, Federer made three or four unforced errors and Dominic started leading the match. In Madrid this year Dominic saved match points and yesterday it was a close match too.

Federer's game fits to Dominic's and when you face a legend you are more focused and motivated." Looking ahead to the upcoming match against Novak Djokovic on Tuesday, Wolfgang added: "Yesterday I watched Djokovic's match and he was really playing very well and solid.

It's a different situation because Djokovic likes to wait for the chance while Roger is more aggressive and he likes to dictate point while Djokovic stays on defence and you have to wait a bit longer. You have to find a good mixture between playing aggressive and solid."

Asked if Dominic's son Moritz can become as good as the world No. 5, Wolfgang concluded: "He is smaller than Dominic so he doesn't play as powerful. Nowadays the good players are all big and tall. But technique-wise they play very similar.

His breakthrough will not be as quick as Dominic's but we will see. As long as he likes the sport, I will support him as much as I can."