Dominic Thiem almost bullied Roger Federer, says Henman

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Dominic Thiem almost bullied Roger Federer, says Henman

Speaking to BBC the former world No. 4 Tim Henman spoke of Dominic Thiem's win over Roger Federer at the ATP Finals in London on Sunday. The Brit said: "From the back of the court it was really Thiem's aggressive play, how he was almost able to bully Federer and that's unusual on any tennis court, let alone on an indoor court.

But when they got into baseline exchanges it was invariably Thiem that came out on top. They've played six times before and Thiem was up 4-2, he's added to that and he will be delighted by his start to the event."

The pundit Andrew Castle spoke of Djokovic's chances: "The way Djokovic played yesterday, he has to be favourite to go through that group. It is a re-run of the Wimbledon final. Roger is not going to need too much poking and prodding to get up for that match but to have to beat Novak on this court where he's won four tournaments is a tall order.

You don't know how long it is going to last for Roger Federer, this glorious career. It is a fool's job to write him off and I hate to do it but Thiem was just bigger, stronger, younger yesterday and I thought there were worrying signs for Roger. [But] perhaps he just had a flat day."