Alexander Zverev thanks Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal for...

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Alexander Zverev thanks Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal for...

Alexander Zverev was asked if his win over Rafael Nadal at the ATP Finals in London can be compared to the one against Milos Raonic at the Laver Cup which let the Team Europe clinch the title. "You cannot compare", said Zverev.

"In Geneva, it was the last match, the last point, and kind of the tournament was over. It was a team atmosphere. It was for the team, as well. It was different. And today is just the first of hopefully five matches for me. We will see how it goes, but obviously winning in a group stage is very important.

Having those kind of matches is very important, as well. Both, I was very happy. Both are very happy moments for me. But Geneva, before that I didn't play my best, and obviously Geneva was maybe the turning point of the season, and after that I started playing much, much better.

In China, as well. That helped me a lot, having the team atmosphere, having those guys, Roger Federer and Rafa coach me, as well, a little bit, and letting me play the deciding match because we had a lot of guys, we had Stefanos Tsitsipas, we had Dominic Thiem who then played instead of Rafa, to play the last match.

But they said they trust me the most and kind of went for me there. That was very special for me. But today obviously it's different. You cannot compare. The World Tour Finals, it's against the World No. 1. You know, you can't even compare the two, I think."