Here is how much Roger Federer will earn playing South American swing

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Here is how much Roger Federer will earn playing South American swing

Roger Federer will travel 14,533 kilometres over six days in South America to play five exhibition matches in Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Ecuador. He will stay in each place only for one day and he will spend two nights only in Buenos Aires.

He will earn $2 million per match, so over six days he will earn 10 million in total. Federer is playing the ATP Finals in London this week and if he reaches the final, he will have just 48 hours to travel to Santiago and start his swing.

Federer earned $7 million prize money tournaments this year so far. Meanwhile the Chilean authorities assured that, despite the controversies going on in the country, Federer will play the exhibition. "With all what's happening, the security things are being assessed every day.

We are making constant changes", said Rodrigo Sánchez of Fenix. "Roger asked for as less as possible security guards, it's something he asks for in every place he goes. He is a very calm person." In an interview to Ubitennis Novak Djokovic's strategy analyst Craig O'Shannessy spoke about how serve and volley can make you win points although surfaces got faster over the years.

O'Shannessy said: "One thing that comes up from data is that serve and volley still works. In the US Open final for example between Rafael Nadal and Daniil Medvedev, they were not able to win points from the baseline and so they served and volleyed for 50 times."