Rafael Nadal will hold more Majors than Federer and Djokovic - Orantes

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Rafael Nadal will hold more Majors than Federer and Djokovic - Orantes

In an interview the Spanish legend Manuel Orantes praised Rafael Nadal, saying he will hold more Grand Slam titles than Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer do. "He will be the player holding most Grand Slam titles in tennis history", said Orantes.

"Nadal is a surprise and even if you think he is done, that time never comes, he consistently improves things. He is already the number one because he is going through the most powerful era in history. Back in my day he would have won it all."

On the future of Spanish tennis, Orantes added: "The most important thing is that there is a top 1 who serves as a reference point for the others and that he shows that the journey is the work, having mentality, body, taking care of himself...

Just like Nadal." On the new Davis Cup, Orantes added: "It's a good idea because the previous format had lost a bit of emotion with the absence of big players and so he gains popularity and interest."

On getting an award for his achievements, Orantes concluded: "It's a pleasure that they recognize your career. I think that's the good thing, feeling loved in your country, especially when a lot of time has gone."

Nicolas Massu recalled the start of the co-operation with Dominic Thiem as a coach dated back to February this year: "I think he had energy and motivation throughout the year when I started working with him, he picked a illness in Cincinnati and at the US Open and then it went very well.

Playing well on almost all the surfaces, playing against Federer on the big court on this surface is a big challenge, I played well and he won, I am so happy."