Boris Becker speaks about Roger Federer's ATP Cup withdrawal

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Boris Becker speaks about Roger Federer's ATP Cup withdrawal

In a press conference, six-time Major winner Boris Becker spoke about Roger Federer prioritizing several exhibition matches in South America this month and in China in December over the ATP Cup. Becker, who will be Germany's captain at the ATP Cup, said: "Look, he’s old enough to make his own decision.

He decided amongst a few other players when the decision was made to change the Davis Cup format and to have it in one week next year not to participate. He’s done the decision already a while ago amongst many other players.

We accept it. On the other hand, he’s always played for Germany whenever I ask him. He played in the first round against Hungary in Frankfurt the beginning of the year, and he did his bit and he’s won his points. He was very excited to play at the ATP Cup, as well.

What he does in his off time, he’s his own man. We were all our own boss. What he chooses to do or not to do between the end of the ATP Finals and the beginning of 2020 is his choice." Asked about the Davis and ATP Cups taking place over a six-week time, Becker replied: "Look, you can also mention the Laver Cup in September.

That’s also a team competition. The good news is there are strong interests in tennis. A lot of people want to participate. A lot of people want to organize. There is a lot of money at stake, a lot of points. That’s the good news.

Now, is that the perfect scenario? No. But I don’t want to talk about the politics in tennis. I think we are here today to speak about a new competition, a new venture, a new event, which is great. I’m not responsible for the Davis Cup format, and I’m not responsible for the Laver Cup, either.’