Wimbledon loss to Novak Djokovic is still hurting Roger Federer - Petchey

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Wimbledon loss to Novak Djokovic is still hurting Roger Federer - Petchey

In an interview to Tennis365 former Andy Murray's coach and current TV commentator Mark Petchey spoke about the upcoming ATP Finals clash between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. The match winner will reach the semifinals.

Petchey said: “This year’s Wimbledon final was a great drama, but I don’t think it was the best match we’ve seen from Roger and Novak in terms of the quality of tennis they produced. The fourth set improved and then the 12-12 tie break finish was ridiculous, but Roger will look back at that and believe he should have taken it.

Those two guys have played so many great matches against each other and you just felt that the first three sets at Wimbledon in July lacked some quality. You could see that Federer was trying to get the game finished quickly when he had the two match points and it shows that even the greats get nervous at the biggest moments them all.

He has won so much, but that extra Wimbledon title was there for him and he desperately wanted it. Most of the time they are able to play through that stress, but he didn’t quite get over the line on that occasion and I’m sure it is still hurting him now”.

On Dominic Thiem's win over Novak Djokovic, Marcos Baghdatis said: "Thiem played in an amazing way. I faced him in the past but this year he is completely different. In the past he was playing many more top spin balls and less aggressive, and in that moment he played well, but now he hits harder.

I think Novak tried everything he could in that match, he is like a cat, has nine lifes, always gets back in the match and wins points, he always makes you play one more shot. You need to play being fully focused against him and Thiem did it."