Murray:'Federer,Nadal,Djokovic are still around but there are new guys too'

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Murray:'Federer,Nadal,Djokovic are still around but there are new guys too'

In an interview to CNN Andy Murray spoke about how the Tour has evolved since he last competed at a very high level a couple of years ago. The British player admitted he was not too much interested while he was trying from a hip issue.

"I don't know a lot of the players and I didn't watch a lot of the tennis when I was out injuried. Many of the guys I'm competing against now I've never played against and I've not practiced against because a lot's changed in the two years since I got hurt", said Murray.

"Obviously, you've got the top guys, Roger (Federer), Rafa (Nadal) and Novak (Djokovic) have stayed there, but a lot more of the younger guys have come through. They all play really well. A lot of them have got very different game styles.

If you look at the way Tsitsipas plays compared to Medvedev, compared to Zverev, they're all very different. It will be fun to get the chance to play against them and see what it's like." On his expectations ahead of the Australian Open that starts in January, Murray said: "I've not played a best of five-set match since the operation.

I don't anticipate having any issues with my hip because I've played some long matches so far and the hip's been fine. It's the other bits of my body that hurt nowadays. I will have to see how I hold up physically playing the best of five set matches.

So far the signs are pretty good. I'm sure I can win matches. Whether I can win (a tournament) or not I don't know. These last couple of years I've realized that the reason I started playing tennis in the beginning was not to win grand slams and it wasn't to get to the top 10 in the world or even the top 100 in the world.

The reason I played tennis throughout my whole childhood and growing up is because I just love doing it and I love playing tennis and that's why I'm playing just now."