Henman: Federer, Nadal, Djokovic've massive respect for one another

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Henman: Federer, Nadal, Djokovic've massive respect for one another

Former world No. 4 Tim Henman was asked about the relationship between the Big Three. The Brit, talking on Amazon Prime, said: "They are unbelievably competitive rivals. When you talk about Federer, Djokovic and Nadal, they have played against each other so many times but they have a massive amount of respect on the court.

That's where times have changed. If you go back, Agassi and Sampras weren't great friends, Becker and Edberg had respect but I don't think they spent a massive amount of time together. If you talk about Lendl, McEnroe and Connors - that was carnage.

But this is amazing how often they have been competing for the biggest titles but there is a genuine warmth there." Greg Rusedski spoke about Djokovic coinciding with other two big rivals: "The problem is he is in a generation now with Nadal and Federer.

They're historically right now the guys with the most Slams, one and two with 19 and 20. They've been icons of our game for years. If you look at Djokovic and [Andy] Murray they're in the shadows of these guys even though their accomplishments have been exceptional.

I think Djokovic will get his due in time but it is difficult to handle that all the time. When you walk into a stadium as number one or two and have the whole crowd against you when you're playing Roger Federer. You think 'Why don't I get any of that love and admiration for all that I have accomplished in my game?' The good thing for Djokovic is when he has a little chip on his shoulder or the crowd is against him he raises his game."