Roger Federer: 'I never tried to seek effortless tennis'

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Roger Federer: 'I never tried to seek effortless tennis'

Roger Federer seems effortless when he plays. Does the Swiss try to do it intentionally in order to save energy? The Basel native replied: "I never tried to seek effortless tennis, you know. It came naturally through my coaches over the years, especially in the junior years that taught me tennis this way.

When I see somebody play tennis, it's what I see how tennis should be played, you know. The way I do it, I struggle with the extreme grip or double-handed backhand never worked for me. For me, this was the only way to play tennis.

I wish sometimes I could have done it a bit differently, but it ended up being the way it was. I made the most of it, and I really felt like through hard work and fitness, getting to balls I didn't believe I could, it made me the player I became today.

I guess it became an effortless moving style I also had, which eventually also ended up saving the body, which has been a good thing, to be honest. And then I won a lot of matches also sometimes in a short time. Like tonight, for instance, these matches are doubly as good, because it saves the body and gives you incredible confidence.

Yeah, so that's what it is. I never planned to play this way. I'll tell you that," concluded the 38-year-old, world No. 3.