Djokovic: 'I have utmost admiration for Roger Federer, he is a role model'

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Djokovic: 'I have utmost admiration for Roger Federer, he is a role model'

Novak Djokovic aims to have Roger Federer's longevity. The Serb said: "it motivates me. I mean, it shows me it's possible (smiling). No, I mean, well, I have utmost admiration for him and everything he's doing on the court.

What he has achieved over the years and what he's still showing on the court is phenomenal. I mean, he's a role model even for me that I'm one of his rivals and, you know, one of the toughest opponents I had in my career.

You know, looking at his career and what he still is doing, it just inspires you." Federer spoke about the good situation of the Swiss tennis and also of the young Dane Holger Rune: "Apparently we are going to have four Swiss juniors in the main draw of the Australian Open juniors, which is great.

I'm not sure when that's the last time it happened. Must be years ago. So that's a great thing for Swiss tennis. So there is some talent coming through, which I'm very happy about, and I have practiced with probably two out of the four.

Yeah, and then Rune, I practiced with him here. I have hit with all the juniors here, two were here the first week, two of them are here now the second week. It's been fun for me. It's been good for me. But I hope it's been more fun for them, because it's like a dream week.

I would have loved to do that at 16, just to hang with the big guys and warm up one guy and then you go warm up the next guy, and they play each other and you completely see the vibe of how the teams are and how the dynamics are.

Yeah, I mean, I am impressed by all these guys, how much working ethic they already have, what a strong team they have, how they hit the ball. I'm sure that we will see much more of all these players down the road, but it's so hard to predict nowadays, to be honest."