I felt sad for Novak Djokovic not supported by crowd vs Federer -Croft

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I felt sad for Novak Djokovic not supported by crowd vs Federer -Croft

Roger Federer is the most-loved player in the world and, without surprise, he was the most-supported player during his match win against Novak Djokovic in London. TV presenter Annabel Croft believes it must not have been easy for Djokovic to handle it.

"I felt sad for Novak tonight. Here is a great, great champion. Someone who has achieved so much in the game. What does he have to do to get a crowd on his side? He was playing some beautiful tennis and it was just met by polite applause.

Some of his double faults were being clapped and cheered. It looked to me like he became very subdued and went into his shell after that. He couldn’t fire himself up. I did feel a tinge of sadness for him because he looked a little lost out here and it can’t be easy when you’re taking on 20,000 people."

Daniela Hantuchova shared similar thoughts as Croft: "I almost felt sorry for him as well because he’s done so much for our game. What else does he need to do to get respect from this crowd? I think it got to his head a little bit.

He didn’t even wave as he went off and that’s understandable. It’s not pleasant when someone claps your double faults so I can understand his frustration. After everything, he’s done it’s a little bit disrespectful. Roger is Roger but at the same time Novak is Novak so maybe a more even crowd would have been ideal tonight."