Roger Federer is in a different league,you cannot argue with him -ATP Board

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Roger Federer is in a different league,you cannot argue with him -ATP Board

In an interview to Nzz the ATP Board member Herwig Straka spoke about the Laver Cup being part of the ATP calendar. Straka, who is also Dominic Thiem's agent and Vienna's Erste Bank Open Tournament Director, said: "We decided to include it on the calendar because we liked the format.

And we think it's better to be part of a good idea instead of fighting against it. You will not see how important Laver Cup is until when Federer stops playing. Why should you make things difficult to the players if they like it?" It is said that the Laver Cup was introduced on the calendar because Federer committed to the ATP Cup.

Is it true? "I heard it too. We never discussed about it. But we were open because Federer did a lot for ATP in his career. But there was not a real agreement with ATP." On Federer's ATP Cup withdrawal, Straka added: "Federer plays in a different league.

You cannot be angry with him if he takes a decision benefiting his family or health. Among the other things, he is back to the Player's Council. I am sorry he doesn't play the ATP Cup. But the format is so strong that will work without Federer too."

Asked what he expects from the new ATP Chairman Andrea Gaudenzi, Straka replied: "He is a former player and knows the environment. He gained a lot of experience in the new media, which should become an important factor of our future strategy. Gaudenzi gave us his ideas in London and we liked them a lot."