Roger Federer started at 19 and has not finished yet, says Jannik Sinner

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Roger Federer started at 19 and has not finished yet, says Jannik Sinner

In an interview with Corriere, Jannik Sinner spoke about Roger Federer, who at 19 years of age conquered his first ATP Ranking points. The Italian said: "Roger started and has not finished yet. But everyone has his own journey and I live it in a pretty calm away.

In 2020, the goal is different. I have to play 60 matches at higher-level tournaments. It will not be easy. It will be very important to have a good pre-season and start well in January." Asked if he misses living a normal childhood, Sinner replied: "I do not miss anything, I chose this life.

It's luck to travel around the world and have these experiences. Then, of course, I want to be back home. "The more you win, the bigger pressure is, things around you change because you have to do interviews and people speak about you.

I am still the same person. When you start winning, losing sounds strange. And maybe someone criticizes you, without realizing how difficult our sport is. You just do not have to care about it." Asked what he admires the most about fellow Italian, Matteo Berrettini, Sinner replied: "His consistency.

He manages to keep a very high level throughout the match. Instead, I am not that consistent at a high level. You saw it against Stan Wawrinka at the US Open." On why he will not be part of Italy's Davis Cup team in Madrid, Sinner concluded: "After the Next Gen ATP Finals, the captain Corrado Barazzutti asked me but with my team, we decided not to go. It's the right moment to focus on the new season."