Roger Federer's ATP Cup withdrawal will not affect quality of field: Henman

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Roger Federer's ATP Cup withdrawal will not affect quality of field: Henman

Former world No. 4 Tim Henman believes that Roger Federer's withdrawal at the ATP Cup will not influence the quality of the field. When asked about Federer's forfeiture, Henman, talking in a press conference, said: "The more times you can get the best players playing together, the better for the sport.

You look at the schedule for the ATP Cup before the Australian Open, I think it's ideal. With the collaboration with Tennis Australia, the Australian Open, you've got great players. You heard the numbers, 9 of the top 10, 26 of the top 30 playing in three great cities.

It's a new event. It's going to be very interesting to see how it evolves. But when you get the best players in the world together, I think it's exciting. It's going to be good for everybody. It's difficult to see the downside of that."

Henman is not on the ATP Tour too often nowadays: "I, in essence, don't have any commitment to the game. I'm involved at Wimbledon. I'm going to be the ATP Cup captain. But if I, for some reason, wanted to step away and do none of the above, then that's my prerogative.

I don't think that's the case. Yeah, I think in terms of, you know, being around tennis on the international stage a little bit more, that's what I'd like to do. So I have enjoyed the events that -- I was at Roland Garros this year, as well.

I hadn't been there for a long time. I hadn't been to the US Open for 12 years. I think I will be around a few more tournaments. That's part of the excitement for ATP Cup. You know, who's in charge? I'm the captain, but it's the players that are out on the court that are competing, and, you know, I want to create an environment that's going to give them the best opportunity to play their best tennis and hopefully, win. You know, it's them (who) have to go out there and do the job on the court."