Rafael Nadal: 'Roger Federer played unbelievable tennis vs Novak Djokovic'

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Rafael Nadal: 'Roger Federer played unbelievable tennis vs Novak Djokovic'

Rafael Nadal spoke about his potential ATP Finals semis clash against Roger Federer. "It's one of the surfaces that he feels comfortable", the Mallorcan said. "He plays so well. He plays so fast. So I need to play a perfect match tomorrow if I want to have any chance to be in that final.

I think I am playing better, but is true that Roger yesterday played unbelievable. So he will come to that match with plenty of confidence. So let's see. I hope to be ready to compete at the highest level possible if that's the case."

On how it feels to get the trophy as a year-end No. 1 player, Nadal added: "I think this trophy is the work of the whole year, a great year in all terms. Yeah, have this trophy with me is a big personal satisfaction, no? I think we did a lot of things well during the whole year.

Of course the team and the family played a very important role this year, even more than other times because have been some tough moments at the beginning of the season in terms of physical issues that demoralize me a little bit.

So they played a very important role, so I can't thank all of them enough for all the support. Yeah, super happy for everything, honestly. Have this trophy with me with this big gap between the first time until today, 11 years, is a big thing.

I don't know if somebody did it or not, but is something difficult, because 11 years since the first time until the fifth is a big number."