Zverev: 'Federer, Nadal didn't give me life-changing advices at Laver Cup'

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Zverev: 'Federer, Nadal didn't give me life-changing advices at Laver Cup'

Alexander Zverev believes the Laver Cup was a key turning point in his season. After reaching the London semifinals, the German said: "Laver Cup helped me a lot in the way I won the last match, and that gave me confidence.

It's not like they (Federer, Nadal) gave me life-changing advices. They told me how to win the match, but it was not for the future kind of like that, because I still have to play those guys. But yeah, I mean, it's going well.

I'm in the semis again, which I'm super happy about, and we'll see how it goes again." Zverev also spoke about his activities on social media: "I said it before I'm not a massive social media guy.

I'm more, you know, interactual guy, kind of talk to people, communicate. This is the things that I have more value for. I have been doing Instagram for a long time now, probably my favorite social media out of the three.

I've started with Facebook and Twitter not too long ago. I'm not the most active guy on it, but it's part of the world that we live in right now. Everybody is using it. Everybody, you know, wants to know what do you do, wants to know what do you have on your mind and what your thoughts are.

This is the kind of things you can give your feedback to fans and kind of interact a little bit, and this is how it is. Yeah, there is other young guys that are more involved in the social media stuff than me. I have always been a guy that is kind of laid back in this kind of sense."