Roger Federer: 'I never got broken missing two smashes in one game'

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Roger Federer: 'I never got broken missing two smashes in one game'

Roger Federer regrets the break points he missed against Stefanos Tsitsipas in London on Saturday. The Swiss said: "No doubt I had my chances. Yeah, don't know exactly why it went the way it did, you know. I think getting broken with missing two smashes in one game, that hasn't in a long, long time or ever.

So that was tough. That's not something you can train or practice for. That's tough, just feet were not quite there yet, still not quite getting used to the high one and all that stuff. But, God, you know, I accepted it and moved on and actually got into the match well.

Had some good spells, but the spells where things were not working well, they were pretty bad, you know. At this level, you just can't have it happen, so that was pretty disappointing today." Asked if he sees any similarity between Thiem's backhand when he plays down the line and Tsitsipas', Federer replied: "Yeah, a little bit.

Like most one-handers, they come at a certain time. I was expecting them, to be honest, because already in Basel he hit quite a lot of backhand-down-the-lines again me, but I don't think his backhand down the line today was the difference maker.

The difference was elsewhere, you know. But, yeah, he has it, you know, and he's tall and he's strong up there. He can loop it and come down on it, and that's why also I believe he's good on faster courts and on slower courts.

It's going to be very beneficial for his career. You know, obviously it's his footwork that's always on the aggressive side. Any short ball will be attacked, and I think he does that very, very well. He's one of the best at that in the game."