Federer: 'I will stay around as long as I can beat big guys,win big events'

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Federer: 'I will stay around as long as I can beat big guys,win big events'

Roger Federer spoke about what made him beat Novak Djokovic in straight sets at the ATP Finals in London. The Swiss, talking to Sky Sport, said: "I have to stay quite vage because there is so much into the tactics. Because I spoke with Severin and Ivan for around an hour this morning about all the options and possibilities.

What I could do, what I should do, on 30-40, in the tie-break, at the beginning of a game, at the beginning and at the end of a set. There is a lot of things to speak about and in the end it all depends on having clear what to do and when to do it and to remind yourself when to do what during the match when the adrenaline is ongoing.

That's the tricky part. That's why when you play a match the way I did tonight you are relieved and happy also because of all the work you put into to put yourself physically but also mentally and find the right game plan to make all things work.

A victory like this has many good things: the confidence, the reasons for being on Tour because I always remind myself and my team that I will stay on Tour as long as I can win big tournaments and beat the best guys. There are not many players better than Novak or Rafa, we saw it at the French Open and Wimbledon.

For me this victory means even double towards the end of my career at my age. That's why I also had a good time in the locker room afterwards." Federer is supposed to play several exhibition matches in South America and China.