It took four years to bring Roger Federer to Mexico, says organizer

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It took four years to bring Roger Federer to Mexico, says organizer

The organizer Jose Antonio Fernandez spoke about Roger Federer playing an exhibition match with Alexander Zverev in Mexico next week. Fernandez said: "Very excited and thankful for the feedback given by people over a short time since we launched the event.

Over less than three hours we sold the tickets. We are excited that Federer comes to our country for the first time and we just have to enjoy him. It has been four years that we try to bring him in Acapulco, but it's in the same week as Dubai, which makes things complicated.

But now, for the exhibition, we have been trying to bring him for four years, things got regrouped five months ago, we finalized all the details with his agent and all his team. It's not easy." Will Federer ever play an official tournament in Mexico? "Hopefully.

In 2020 he will not because he will play Dubai and then the Olympic Games. If he keeps being active... Federer is going through the final stage but he is also playing a great tennis. Besides being the greatest tennis player ever, he is one of the best athletes in sports history.

Like Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Tom Brady. They are players who stand out and we brought him while he is active as a world number three. We wanted to host him in Plaza de Toros which features 43,000 people. US Open has 23,000 seats and you can see him better in our country", concluded Fernandez who also works for Acapulco and Los Cabos events.