'Against Djokovic,Federer wanted to show who was supposed to win Wimbledon'

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'Against Djokovic,Federer wanted to show who was supposed to win Wimbledon'

The former WTA player Daniela Hantuchova spoke of Roger Federer defeating Novak Djokovic at the ATP Finals in London.The Slovakian said: "I think this way a big payback and Roger wanted to show to everyone who was supposed to win that Wimbledon final.

I think there was a lot of frustration going into that match that's why he was able to bring the best out of him. Obviously being indoors it favours Roger over Rafa big time. But to be able to have this kind of energy at the end of the season at his age, it shows his scheduling has been extremely good.

He takes care of his breaks, his body and whenever he comes he he peaks at the right time. That win over Novak from the first point to the last one he was so focused. We saw him at the beginning of the tournament really struggling but no problem against Novak."

Hantuchova did not expect Federer being the only player out of the Big Three competing in the year-end tournament semifinals: "It feels a little bit strange this morning that Roger is the only one left in the semis out of them three guys.

It feels like he got left there alone. It was strange for Rafa to receive that No 1 trophy and then not be able to qualify. But it just shows the depth of this tournament. Same goes with Novak, to me he has played the best tennis I have ever seen him since Paris, even in his two match, although against Roger wasn't his best tennis, but he wasn't able to qualify. It just shows what kind of level all the players are putting into this tournament."